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Revealing the Secrets to Finding the Cheapest Hotel near you

Nowadays, finding pocket-friendly hotels is not as easy as typing “cheapest hotels near me” in the search bar. It takes a lot of work to sift through a myriad of reviews and sponsored ratings. The Village Inn prides itself on being the best hotel in Elora, Ontario. When you search for “the number one motel near me”, you will surely see our name highlighted. This is because we assure a hundred percent satisfaction, transparency, and value for money. We rest secure in our policy of serving our customers with the utmost care and lucidity. So, here we are with our secrets on how to find the cheapest hotels in any corner of the world.

Make Online Search Engines Your Number One Friend
Start with online search engines because they provide a comprehensive guide. Popular hotel booking websites and search engines like, Trivago, Expedia, and bring you a host of options at the click of a button. They are a complete package with reviews, pictures, and real-time price comparisons.

Use Location Filters
When you start looking for a hotel, you must have the motive for your stay clear in mind. Use location filters to determine your preferred vicinity as per the attractions, tourist places, and activities in mind. This helps filter out extra unnecessary options to make things more sorted.

Subscribe to Deal Alerts
Chances are that you always skip subscribing to deal alerts fearing that they add to the junk in your mailbox. However, let us break it to you that these newsletters contain special offers and discount codes. So next time onwards make sure you allow notifications to pop up on your screens because who knows when a new travel expedition awaits.

Consider Alternative Accommodations
It is advised that you do not stick to traditional accommodation options. Look for motels, hostels, vacation rentals, and bed-and-breakfasts, among other places. You can also search for newly opened hotels for they provide early bird discounts and exceptional quality of service.

Loyalty Programs and Memberships
Ask your prospective hotel for loyalty programs and memberships. Many customers who are frequent travelers benefit from discounts and special offers because points are added after every stay.

Check for Last Minute Deals
Hotel bookings directly from the website can go for a steal because of unsold rooms at the last minute. So, if you make spontaneous plans then this hack will come in handy for you.

Compare Prices Across Platforms
With the number of booking platforms on the rise, avail yourself of the benefits by comparing prices and choosing what suits you best. Be wary of additional costs, hidden charges, taxes, and booking fees to not be duped into being extra at the time of checkout.

Read Guest Reviews
All said and done, if your hotel is not spic and span, well-ventilated, and does not fulfill the claims made, it is pointless to spend any amount of money on it. You must go the extra mile to read guest reviews, confirm pictures uploaded and displayed, as well as confirm from someone who has already been there.

Thus, finding the cheapest hotel near you should not be a daunting task if you follow our blogs. When in Elora, all you have to type is - “best hotel near me” and you will be directed to our website where magic unravels at every step. For further guidance or to book your stay, contact us now.

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