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At The Village Inn in Ellora, Ontario, nothing escapes our eyes. From ample parking space to vibrant upholstery, and spacious rooms to ventilated lobbies, we pay attention to all the intricacies. Talking about details and comfort, how could we miss the paramount - the restaurant? Over the years we have transformed the look and feel of our eatery, making it more regal and thus a cut above the rest. All the magic reflected on stage is directly related to the spells mixed backstage - in the kitchen. While the culinary skills of our chefs speak for themselves, it is also the quality and efficiency of our restaurant, food service, and cooking equipment that play a crucial role in presenting the perfect dining experience to our customers. We do not believe in keeping tips and tricks under wraps so here is an essential restaurant equipment guide for you:

Enhance Food Quality
A huge role in the growth of your restaurant and in turn your inn is played by how inviting the food at your restaurant is. Contrary to old-school thought processes, state-of-the-art equipment does make a difference. It allows chefs to have better control over cooking temperatures and time frames so that what you end up achieving is perfectly textured, layered, flavorful, and delectable. This is not only true for restaurant equipment but also for cooking and food service equipment. What’s more? They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, contributing your bit to the environment as well.

Speed and Efficiency
Speed is directly related to efficiency. But what use will they both be if your food items are not enticing enough? So, once you master the taste of each time on your menu, your customers will be drawn towards you. When that happens, they will want fast and reliable service. There is a lot that you have to do to keep your customers happy. Phew! Upgrade to newer cooking equipment for faster preparation and delivery, especially during peak hours.

Menu Expansion and Creativity
Do not hold your chefs back from experimenting and adding to the menus of your restaurant. Never let inefficient, slow, or faulty equipment get in the way. A new high-speed oven can allow speed and precision for serving items like gourmet sandwiches and pastries with consistent quality. A sous-vide machine allows perfectly tender and delicious items, which could not be achieved earlier.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
A good team of professionals at a reputed restaurant or inn strives toward the well-being of its customers right from the minute they make a reservation. So, their satisfaction includes even the minutest of details like the serving equipment which includes all types of crockery, table mats, etc, the ambiance, and furniture, among other details. To ensure that your customers become repeat patrons, and recommend your restaurant to others, you have to serve them consistently well-cooked, visually appealing, and promptly served food. How can you achieve this? By investing in the latest technology-driven cooking, restaurant, and food service equipment.

Here is a quick checklist for you to consider before buying new equipment:

  • Quality
  • Space availability
  • Pricing
  • Ease in using and cleaning
  • Choose the right supplier
  • Hire a restaurant kitchen planner
  • Check for a leasing option

Thus, in this fast-paced and highly competitive industry, never leave any room for loopholes. Investing in upgrading your restaurant, cooking, and food service equipment will always prove fruitful. Curate an unforgettable dining experience for your customers so that they remember you not just for their luxurious stay but also for their memorable dining experience. For more information, queries or to make a reservation, contact us now.

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